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Loteria Air Fresheners by Xochico Fúchila Air Fresheners - El Demonio - (Fresh Linen) Air Freshener Fúchila Air Fresheners - El Burrito - (Wild Cherry) Air Freshener

Loteria Air Fresheners are finally here!! These Loteria themed Air Fresheners are for sure a conversation starter and don't forget to let folks know where you bought yours :) of course Mercado El Catrin :D

• El Diablito - Sandalwood
• La Sirena - Ocean
• El Borracho - Nightshade
• El Corazon - Jasmine
• El Nopal - Pine
• La Rosa - Rose

Size approx: 2.75" Wx 4" H

Thick paper with elastic string to hang in your ranfla, room or anywhere you need freshening up.

Scent: Fresh Linen. Smells like Suavitel or laundry detergent.

Alejandro Muñoz Moreno, (April 24, 1922 – December 16, 2000) better known as Blue Demon, was a Mexican luchador Enmascarado who was widely considered to be one of the greatest Mexican wrestlers of his time. During his successful careers, he also made many masked cameos in Hollywood movies and starred in his own documentary "Blue Demon". As his friends called him, long live "Manotas"!

Scent: Wild Cherry

In pre-colonial times, the Aztecs had a ceremony to celebrate the birthday of Huitzilopochtli, the god of war. After the Spaniards' conquest of the area, the ceremony was co-opted for purposes of converting the natives to Catholicism. The ceremony included breaking a large container full of treats. Although breaking a piñata today has lost a lot of its religious character, the party really doesn't start until your Tio climbs on the roof and starts pulling on that rope! Make it easy on yourself and buy El Burrito for your car and you can have all the candies you want! We won't judge.

Fúchila Air Fresheners - La Calavera - (Cinnamon) Air Freshener Fúchila Air Fresheners - La Niña Fresa - (Strawberry) Air Freshener Fúchila Air Fresheners - La Chingona - (Cran-Orange) Air Freshener

Scent: Cinnamon. Smells like the Hot Tamale candy.

Sugar skulls are typically made during Dia de Los Muertos to commemorate our loved ones who have passed. You can celebrate your familia everyday with this calavera hanging from your rear view.

Scent: Strawberry. O sea, estraberi!

Inspired by the classic Mexican jam by Banda Zeta, "La Niña Fresa," this classy and proper lady calavera will have you smiling all the way to work!

Take it back to the days at your prima's wedding.

"Que es lo que quiere la nena

que va a pedir la princesa

que se le antoja a la reina

que quiere la niña fresa"

Scent: Cran-Orange. Like Big Sticks popsicles.

La Chingona, (June 1, 2015 - Present) was born out of a declaration of the chingona lifestyle. Being a chingona(or "badass female") is a choice and a state of mind. Chingonas are strong, dedicated, motivated women. This design is to honor all thesemujeres in the #FuchilaFamilia. Órale!

Fúchila Air Fresheners - La Mera Frida - (Plumeria) Smells like a bouquet of flowers. Fúchila Air Fresheners - Little Nopales ™ - (Pine Mist) Air Freshener Fúchila Air Fresheners - Paletero Cart - (Strawberry) Air Freshener

Scent: Plumeria. Smells like a bouquet of flowers.

The most iconic eyebrows ever, Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954) is most well known for her beautiful and symbolically rich self-portraits. The Mexican painter's work (largely ignored while she was alive) was emblematic of the rich indigenous tradition and had an uncompromising depiction of the female experience. Her life long health problems caused by a major accident she suffered as a teenager informed a lot of her work as she was constantly in isolation recovering. She did all this while also putting up with her husband, Diego Rivera. In other words, Kahlo was a badass ruca.

Scent: Pine Mist

We have all seen them. Those boring green trees hanging from everyones mirrors. Fúchila Fresheners is ushering in a new era of arte and cultura for your car. Introducing Little Nopales, the fresh choice for your carro! This will change the freshener game forever. Tell your tia!

Scent: Strawberry. Enough said.

After church, down the street, or by the park...those bells are unmistakable! It's the paletero man! Ice-cream and sheer happiness on wheels. If you have a sweet tooth, fond memory of asking your parents for a dollar and running after the bells then this Fúchila Freshener is for you! Ándale, you can finally afford your own paletas!

Fúchila Air Fresheners - Viva Villa - (Vanilla) Air Freshener Fúchila Air Fresheners - Máscara de Plata - (Midnight) Air Freshener Fúchila Air Fresheners - La Conchita (Sweet Cinnamon)

Scent: Vanilla. Smells almost like sugar.

José Doroteo Arango Arámbula aka Francisco "Pancho" Villa (5 June 1878 – 20 July 1923) was one of the most prominent Mexican revolutionary generals of his time and continues to be one of the most iconic images of the revolution and anti-dictatorship. Many legends surround his storied past as the leader of the Villistas including surviving death by firing squad and escape from jail for his crimes. Later in life, President Wilson sent a search party of 5,000 US soldiers to track Villa down, but Villa was never found. To this day, his murder is shrouded in mystery with many conspiracy theories. His image and story remains alive through those who still swear they road with El Gran Pancho Villa.

Scent: Hielo Negro. Like cologne.

Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta, (Sept. 23, 1917 - Feb 5, 1984) better known as El Santo, was a member of the "Big Three" (including Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras). He was one of the most famous and influential luchadoresof his time. He reached a unique level of stardom through his appearances in many lucha libre movies and comic books. Known for never removing his mask, even in private company, Santo had a special meal-time mask with a larger mouth to allow him to eat. A week before his death, El Enmascarado de Plata showed his face bidding his fans farewell.

Scent: Sweet Cinnamon

Enjoy one of the classic staples in the pan dulce "sweet bread" familia! La Conchita, literally meaning sea shell, usually comes in three colors: pink, yellow and white. They are all equally fluffy and delicious. Everyone has their favorites, but let's be honest, this is the only conchita you can enjoy everyday, guilt-free.

Pan Dulce / Sweet Bread History:
Baking bread was not originally indigenous to Mexico. Wheat was brought over by the Spaniards during the conquest. The Spanish taught the indigenous people how to bake using wheat because they believed it was the only acceptable grain for making Catholic communion wafers. The first Mexican bakeries opened in the 1520's and were not very popular. With the addition of French baking techniques, Mexican bakers are considered among the most inventive in the world. In Mexico today, there are an estimated 500-2,000 different types of breads produced.

Fúchila Air Fresheners - Tweety - (Cranberry Orange) Air Freshener Fúchila Air Fresheners - Una de Fresa - (Strawberry) Air Freshener Fúchila Air Fresheners - Guadalupe - (Rose/Rosa) Air Freshener

Scent: Cranberry Orange

After church, down the street, or by the park...those bells are unmistakable! it's the palter man! Ice-cream and sheer happiness on wheels. If you have a sweet tooth and are like my sister, Tweety was always a top contender for your hard earned dollar. Ándale you can finally afford your own paletas!

Scent: Strawberry

After church, down the street, or by the park...those bells are unmistakable! it's the palter man! Ice-cream and sheer happiness on wheels. If you have a sweet tooth and are like mi Ama, una de fresa was a simple favorite for her hard earned dollar. Ándale, you can finally afford your own paletas!

Scent: Rose/Rosa

Virgencita Morena, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Madre de los Cielos, Tonántzin...She has man names but one unique identity: the most loved and revered motherly figure to millions around the world. As she appeared to the humble Juan Diego on el Monte de Tepeyac many years ago, today, we present her to you, the Fúchila Familia in hopes that she may bless your carrito and guide your path.

Fúchila Air Fresheners - Mazapan - (Mazapan) Air Freshener Fúchila Air Fresheners - Walter Mercado - (Roses) Air Freshener Fúchila Air Fresheners - Cortez OG - (Midnight - Cologne) Air Freshener

Scent: Mazapan

Dale dale dale, no pierdas el tino....with the new Fuchi la Rosa dulce design. Don't worry, this one won't crumble into pieces.

Scent: Roses

One of our most anticipated and requested designs has finally arrived looking all damn fabulous. The Puerto Rican spiritual advisor, horoscope extraordinaire and fashion icon Walter Mercado! What is that Walter? Yes en mi futuro un chingo de fortuna!? Pero sobre todo, mucho, mucho amor!

Scent: Midnight (Cologne)

Nike's original running shoe in the original colors. #OG OG's and hipsters alike can agree, wearing these shoes is like walking on clouds.

Fúchila Air Fresheners - Platano - (Platanos) Air Freshener Pan Dulce SC Air Freshener Come to the Sweetside Air Freshener

Scent: Platanos

Que lo que!? Dominicanos and Boricuas fight about a lot of things. One thing they can agree on though is the power of Plátanos! Let the soothing (and mouth watering) scent of plátanos get you through your day. Be sure to pick a couple more for the familia too.

Our popular mashup is now available as a great smelling air freshener.

Scent: Cherry
Size Approx: 2.75"x3.25"

One of our most popular mashups has been this Cafe Con Pan Dulce, this has brought many smiles to our customers and we're excited to finally release this iconic parody into an Air Freshener.

Scent: Strawberry
Size Approx: 2.75"x3.25"

Fúchila Air Fresheners - Fucheetos - (Limoncito) Air Freshener Fúchila Air Fresheners - Celia Cruz - (Azucar de coco!) Air Freshener

Scent: Limoncito

This fiery new design is finger-licking good and ready for your carrito just in time for summer road trips. But don't fight over the lords chips! Grab your own set of Fucheetos today and be sure to stash some for when those late-night cravings hits.

Scent: Azúca de coco!

Azúcar! La Reina de la Salsa has arrived! Esa negrita tiene tumbao and she smells delicious. She'll have you bailando de la'o in traffic. Enjoy this truly special moment in Fúchila herstory! Grab one today!